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Developed on Starknet

DAO-Based Ecosystem Catalyst for


Dolven Labs is a DAO Based Ecosystem Catalyst for projects built on the StarkNet Network, Dolven Labs aims to be the future of investing, deal flow, and value creation in the StarkNet Ecosystem.

Your Funding Journey Starts Here

How to get started

What is Dolven Labs?

Dolven Labs is a DAO Based Ecosystem Catalyst Founded on the StarkNet Network and designed to be community-driven, Dolven Labs acts as a fund raising platform for projects on StarkNet Network.

Delegation Based Staking

Stake and Earn with DolvenLabs

With Staking, you have the following privileges:
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Have a say in the community and development of Dolven.
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Determination ofthe projects to invest in.
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Earn rewards from the prize pool.
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Early access to projects incubated by Dolven.
πŸ‘‰πŸ» Investing directly in the StarkNet ecosystem.

Permissionless Funding

Get Early Stage Funding For Your Project!

We believe that the blockchain space is in a nascent phase and there are many opportunities to invest early on. Projects that apply to Dolven Labs for investment are sent to Dolven DAO community for voting, if the project is accepted through voting, Dolven Labs team will invest in the project. Tokens received in return for the investment made are distributed to all delegates in the form of airdrops.

Powering the Starknet Ecosystem

Dolven Labs is proud of its partners

  • Key Points of Dolven Labs

    Claiming Process & Reward Distribution

    After the decision to invest and the amount to be invested is taken, the Dolven team will commit the funds to that project. And in return, profit from the tokens received will be delivered to users from Dolven's Airdrops interface.

    Governance & DAO

    Dolven DAO is what makes all decision, to join our DAO you must become a Delegate.

    Delegation Based Staking

    We’re creating a decentralized autonomous organization where direct democracy plays an important role. Dolven DAO is what makes all decisions, to join our DAO you must become a Delegate.

    Liquidity Incentives Program

    Adding liquidity can be a risk factor for investors in some cases, Dolven Labs is aware of this therefore investors who support liquidity in the $DLV / $ETH parity are rewarded with airdrops and high yields.

    Invest in Starknet Ecosystem in One Asset

    Shelve all your investments in one place with Dolven Labs Index Fund, you can buy, sell and monitor any of your investments it offers comprehensive portfolio management and portfolio tracking.

    Our Team

    Meet the team behind Dolven Labs

    Founder & Developer

    Ahmet Oznar


    Rashmil Tyagi


    Ahmed Touimi

    Jennifer Nnamdi

    Marketing Deputy

    Joshua Anegbe

    Community Lead




    Head of Strategy

    Oğuzhan Metin

    Visual Designer

    Murat Erkenez

    Visual Designer

    Supercharge your project

    with DolvenLabs

    A global distributed community

    We support the advancement of DAOs and decentralized governance solutions in all geographies and industries. Be part of this revolution.

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