DAO - Based Ecosystem Catalyst for Starknet

Dolven Labs is a DAO Based Ecosystem Catalyst and hub for permissionless DeFi tools for the StarkNet Ecosystem, it aims to be the future of investing, deal flow, and value creation in the StarkNet Ecosystem.

Your Success Story
Starts Here

The StarkNet
Quick Launch Kit

Empowering builders on StarkNet by minimizing the time and effort required with utility tools by Dolven Labs.

Permissionless Token Minter

Want to mint tokens?
You now have access to the easiest way to mint their tokens on StarkNet.

Permissionless Token Vesting

Add desired vesting periods in StarkNet using our permissionless token vesting tool.

Permissionless Liquidity Locker

Lock your Liquidity as a hedge against fraud and to ensure trust in your community and investors.

Incubation Center
by Dolven Labs

We are helping projects building on StarkNet to make it big, with world-class technologies, premium development, and marketing consulting. Dolven Labs as an incubation partner will help you secure success.

Testnet Version 1.0

With Testnet Version v1.0, you will have opportunity to test following modules:

  • User summary & registration
  • Staking & Farming Vaults
  • Vault Statistics
  • Unstaker Protocol
  • Merkle Tree supported token distributor (Airdrop Module)
  • Permissionless Token Minter Protocol

Testnet Version 2.0

With Testnet Version v2.0, you will have opportunity to test following modules:

  • Testnet v1.0 Features +
  • Improvement & Better UI/UX
  • Governance & DAO & Project Voting
  • Permissionless Liquidity Lock Protocol

Our Team

Team behind Dolven Labs

Ahmet Oznar

Founder & Core Developer

Rashmil Tyagi

Founder & COO

Ahmed Toumi


Mahima Bhatia

Content Manager

A global distributed community

We support the advancement of DAOs and decentralized governance solutions in all geographies and industries. Be part of this revolution.


Dolven Ambasador Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Dolven Labs work?
Dolven Labs is the next startup acceleration program built for the StarkNet Network. It provides early-stage investments to projects building on StarkNet. It also offers StarkNet Quick Launch Kit which allows users to build on StarkNet without extensive knowledge of Cairo-lang which is used for creating STARK-provable programs.
How can I get early stage funding from DL?
Projects can apply to Dolven Labs DAO for early-stage investment from our official website. Check out the "Supercharge Now With Early-Stage Investment" Section on our website.
How is a decision made for which project to invest in?
Dolven Labs team conducts internal due diligence and presents projects to Dolven Labs DAO for voting that passed internal due diligence. The projects which reach the governance threshold are eligible to receive investment from Dolven Labs Investment Fund.
If a project is rejected, can it apply for a re-valuation?
Rejected projects have the option to request a re-evaluation. They can apply for Lower Bracket Qualification. Learn more.
How to become a Delegate on Dolven Labs?
To become a Delegate in Dolven Labs, a user should stake $DLV or a Liquidity pool token of $DLV more than the minimum deposit limit of the DL ticket.